Community Board Letter 2024

We hope this letter finds you well since our last communications. In the previous community letter, we have asked for your patience during this transitional time toward self-management, and we appreciate the effort of our community.  As in most situations, there are bound to be setbacks and glitches in the transition, some expected and some not. Getting our complete documents and funds from both accounts was unnecessarily delayed. We currently have a portal in place with Pinnacle Bank in Mauldin and our HOA management program is getting uploaded as you are reading this letter. This program will allow us to provide a calendar, a Q & A forum, all the necessary accounting statements and a library of documents for your access (CCR’s, By-Laws, Complaint Forms, Parking Policy, Fine policy and ARC Form and directions). We believe this will save us significant costs in the long haul. It means we can stay at the current dues for now. As in the first few years of us taking control, we needed to evaluate the changes and growing costs of running our neighborhood. We believe we should be able to build a reserve to the level needed and to make some needed improvements that will ensure the value of our community. Our Budget committee, as in the past, will work side by side with the Board.

  The annual meeting has been set for March 11th of 2024 at the public library 104 Sunnydale Drive, Simpsonville SC 29681, off Woodruff Road at 6pm. No drinks allowed except bottled water. We expect the meeting to last one hour, and a special meeting of the board will follow. We plan to follow an agenda and if time permits a few Q and A afterwards. At this meeting we will discuss our transition, changes in the landscape contract for the year 2024 and more importantly an election for the 2024 Board. For an election to be official, we must meet the requirements of a Quorum (25% of Homes or 24 votes). If the quorum is not met, a subsequent meeting (Collection of votes) can be called if needed. Otherwise, the current Board continues until the following year. All three positions are up for re-election every year. If an open position does not get voted in by a Quorum, then it defaults to the current Board, who then appoints someone as interim until the next election. You can vote in person or via proxy (Stating on form who you want at what position or allowing a specific person to vote on your behalf). These proxies need to be in the Boards possession before end of meeting. If you attended the first meeting, then the second meeting (if needed) is not necessary for the homeowner that did vote in the first (In person or by Proxy) unless they wanted to change their vote. That vote or proxy will count as an attendance. It is important for you to attend or vote by proxy. A board member (Returning or newly voted in) has the support of the community. The proxy will be sent out by email. You can also request one via email to the secretary. We are waiting a few weeks to see if anyone comes forward and have a chance to place their name on the proxy ballot. We currently have two positions that are seeking to return. That is Tom Ballard for President and Will Morgan as Vice President. Unfortunately, Pam Nyberg will be stepping down as Secretary / Treasurer. We are truly grateful for her time and dedication to our community. We hope someone will step forward in filling that spot. The treasurer’s duty is supported by the Budget committee and the secretary part of the position requires monitoring the emails and directing community homeowners to the right person or information. That part of the position is supported by the rest of the Board. No one on the board or committee will let you fail or become overwhelmed. We all work closely together. Please submit your intention to run for which board position so we can send out an email blast before the election.  If you have any questions about the board positions, please submit to the secretary email asap. If you have a specific concern, please submit your question in advance via email to the secretary. If it does not make the agenda, we will answer you via email. Either way you will get a response. 

Our last mailing included the invoices for 2024. We asked that you provide two emails and two phone numbers for points of contact. The only mailings we will do in the future will be invoices, annual meeting and letter of fine and liens. Those are required mailings, otherwise everything will be via email. If a violation occurs or a complaint comes to our attention, this will allow us to reach out to you as a courtesy, in hopes to rectify a situation before it becomes a fine or violation. The Board has always worked with homeowners that are willing to cooperate and communicate. 

In the years past, most (>90%) have paid in a timely manner. There seems to be the same few who wait until the very end of the year to pay with collections fees, late fees and Interest. Moving forward, after receiving a letter of demand for payment with a late fee added, any unpaid accounts will go to the lawyers for collection and any non-response will then be referred to lien process. The collection process can add many costs and is no longer in our hands but in the hands of the legal team. 

We hope to see many of you at the meeting and give you more updates as we move forward. All emails and phone numbers collected are for HOA needs only and will be confidential. E mail blast will only show secretary or Board member email only. All three board member emails are listed below for your information. 

Tom Ballard President

Will Morgan Vice President

Pam Nyberg Secretary/Treasurer